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Paddle to Table

Paddle to Table offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a guided flatwater paddle on the Catawba River, followed by a unique dining experience in the outdoors. 


  • Registration will close at 11:59pm the day before the event, or when registration sells out.
  • Please note that dependent on the menu selections, guests who indicate a dietary restriction during registration may receive an altered version of the course of a completely separate menu item to accommodate their dietary needs.
  • All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. Reservations cannot be rescheduled.

Paddle to Table Dates

  • August 5th - Sold Out
  • August 7th - Sold Out
  • August 14th - Sold Out
  • August 21st - Sold Out
  • August 26th - Sold Out
  • September 2nd - Sold Out
  • September 4th - Sold Out
  • September 11th - Sold Out
  • September 16th - Sold Out
  • September 25th - Sold Out
  • September 30th - Sold Out
  • October 7th - Sold Out
  • October 9th - Sold Out
  • October 14th - Sold Out
  • October 16th - Sold Out