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Five-Day Intro to Kayaking

Designed to introduce participants to whitewater kayaking and then quickly develop their skills, the Five-Day Intro to Kayaking class is the most comprehensive way to enter the sport of whitewater kayaking. 

Instructor ratio: 3 students to 1 instructor

Skill prerequisites: None

Cancellation Policy:

All reservation and lesson booking fees are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule, please provide a minimum of 48 hours advance notice. Requests to reschedule a lesson with less than 48 hours of advance notice will be subject to a 20% rescheduling fee.

For more information, contact the Kayak Center at 704.391.3900 ext. 195 or at

Course Dates:

  • June 22 - June 26
  • July 13 - July 17
  • August 3 - August 7